“Jose Dault, Garbiñe Insausti, and Edu Cárcamo parade strenuously and without error through ninety minutes’ excruciating exactness, wearing endearingly molded whole-head masks. These actors should be studied minutely by anyone interested in learning how to display emotion and idea before an audience.”

Los Angeles Stage & Cinema


“If this theater piece were the first thing alien civilizations saw of our species, it would introduce us more accurately than any speech or song I can imagine.”

LosAngeles Stage & Cinema


"In just one hour, The Kulunka Theatre Company presented to its audience a creative, sad, but also humorous piece about a couple’s battle with memory loss. Judging by the three curtain calls and audience’s standing ovation, and my own tears that fell during the performance, I would call a highly successful theatrical experience."

New York Theatre.


“Unless you’re having a baby Saturday night, see this show; if you are, see it Sunday.” LosAngeles Stage & Cinema



Modernícolas Cultural Magazine.


"André and Dorine is a story about Alzheimer's, but mostly it's a story about overcoming,  struggle and love."

Cultural Magazine Modernícolas


"I do not know to which wonderful theatrical genre  belongs 'André and Dorine', perhaps It is a moving tragicomedy of masks, but I know that it causes the emotion of  a real masterpiece."

Diary: La Rioja


‘Filled with tenderness, nostalgia and love, it provoked deeply felt emotions. It was hard to keep back tears’

Journal: El Mundo


‘Impressive and’s easy to see how André & Dorine win audiences’

Total Theatre


"... The piece is full of poetry, beautiful compositions,endearing moments and delightful comedy"

Cultural Magazine Modernícolas


"ANDRÉ and DORINE: The precise language of the masks and the heart."

Journal: Málaga Hoy.


"André & Dorine,  a pleasure that seemed to be lost and has been recovered. "

Journal: Malaga Hoy.


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